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    Mkv To Iso Burn Will Not Record Audio

    thats not the only thing i tried doing on the software... i tried coping some camera footage over to dvd.... i also tried making a photo slide with music on it. never the less doesn't explain why the software does not recognize my drive and why aido will not transmit.
  2. SrgntSlaughter

    Mkv To Iso Burn Will Not Record Audio

    here is one example... tried burning "Resident Evil" MKV file... opened creater... selected "Create DVD" selected "DVD" option Changed Disc size to DVD 8.5 and quality to HD... changed intro menu style to "Beat Street" did minor editing like title name etc..... hit preview project button and could hear adio for menu, but not for movie... (i figured it was just to show the example) however, onced it's burned... there is no audio on the play back. the other reason i had to convert it to ISO was bc my burner is not being recognized... every other software on my machines picks it up fine except this software... exported it via ISO and used PowerISO to burn
  3. when using Creator.... i was able to upload an MKV file and convert to ISO. however Audio will not burn... so when playing back i get a perfect Menu, Perfect Video quality... but i can't hear anything.... need help...
  4. SrgntSlaughter

    Dvd Drive Not Picked Up

    when i tried to burn anything, for some reason CREATOR will not pick up my external Blu-ray writter. i know it's installed properly because all my other programs pick it up fine and i am able to use it to read and write with other software on the same machine. any ideas? i'm using a LG-BP40