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    Installation Disk Ejects Without Reading

    The disc does not look scratched nor dirty. Unfortunately Future Shop will not take any disc back if the package has been opened. I did download the app you mentioned from Roxio but I got worried when this message came up when I tried to install it "Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers". Will it be safe to install and will the problem be fixed? Thank you very much for your response
  2. quick question

    Installation Disk Ejects Without Reading

    Dis anyone run into that same problem? I have searched it on google and it seems I am the only one. I just hope I haven't wasted my money. Roxio won't even allow me to register the product so I can't contact them for support. I welcome any suggestions.
  3. I have all the requirements to install the easy vhs to dvd for mac but the disc keeps being ejected