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  1. I have copies of three home movies on DVD+R but haven't been able to transfer them from +R to DVD-R for my mom. How do I do that?
  2. maggie99

    Toast Titanium 11

    Thanks, Digital Guru, I think you've earned that tag. I'm dying to know if your suggestion works and will try it ASAP. In the meantime though, I gave the problem DVD (which was itself a copy made by someone else) to a friend to see if he might be able to copy it. He got the same message (that the video was damaged). I talked with the person who made the copy (In England, but it's not a regional problem) and he had copied it from a download. It plays perfectly, which is what puzzles me. Will let you know if my friend is able to copy it. I've also forwarded your suggestion to him, should he need your Guru vibes.
  3. maggie99

    Toast Titanium 11

    Yes I have tried copying a DVD I copied before and it has worked fine. Seems to be only this one.
  4. maggie99

    Toast Titanium 11

    Never had a problem copying DVDs until today. Message keeps coming up that the video is damaged. Except there's no damage that shows when you play the DVD. Both audio and video are excellent until I click "copy" and I get that same window. I've dragged both audio and video into Toast Titanium 11 (as I always have) and get that message. Can anyone speculate on what the problem might be?