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  1. I have purchaced my roxio hd pro about a week ago and ive been trying to figure out why i the capture software will not even open and the editing software will open but then it will stop working as soon as i hit "ok". below i have attached my logs for installing and all of that. i have met the requirements in my computer specs by far so that is absolutely not the problem in this case, i would like to just be able to use this recording device without buying a whole new laptop.. 13-01-31 13-20.zip
  2. thank you so much! omg this is great, thank you.
  3. OMG thank you so much! wow that was amazing i feel great now, is there anyway i can thumbs up you or something for your help?
  4. ok thank you i will try this, i have a desktop with an 8 core i7 and my graphics card is a gtx 670 or something like that. and 1.5TB storage and 9GB ram. edit: 3.4zGHz