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  1. Now it keeps telling me to Please connect your roxio capture hardware to a usb 2.0 port.... AHHHH Piece of crap!
  2. I'm not sure about the tracking, I don't think it is... The VCR i'm using is brand new. I was using an older VCR but the tapes wouldn't play and the video kept dropping out but the sound was ok. Bought a new VCR tapes play fine now, but now I'm having this issue with the cable... I've also tried low, medium and high quality settings and seems to make no difference... Thanks, ZIGG
  3. Hello, I need help before I throw this #$^@ thing in the garbage... I'm using Roxio VHS to DVD mac newest version. When I play a tape it plays fine on my screen for about 3 minutes then the sound drops out and the video starts playing 2 seconds then pauses, jumps then plays 2 seconds then repeats over and over with no sound. Have to physically unplug the USB, let the screen say please plug in Roxio video capture usb, then plug it back in. Then everything is fine for 3 min. then starts all over. Doesn't matter which settings I have it set on still does the same #$^@ thing over and over.... Help me PLEASE!!! Thanks, ZIGG