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    Creator Classic

    What happened to Creator Classic? Creator NXT uninstalled my Creator 2012. I need to get Creator Classic back. Thanks for any help
  2. Oventek

    Trouble Playing DVD movies

    Thanks for all the help. I discovered that at some point my system was switched to a five speaker system. Once I switched it back to stereo it worked great. Thanks again!!!!
  3. I have a problem, I was using Easy Media Creator V8 and was able to play a dvd movie threw Cineplayer or Windows media player. I unistalled EMC V8 and installed V9. Now when I try and play a movie threw Media Player, Cineplayer or Media Experience I can watch the movie and he the sounds effects but not the voices (talking). I have tried the same dvds that work fine in EMC V8 with no luck. I have also tried these same dvds in my home player and they work fine. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!