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    Average Bandwidth Speed Stuck Below 700.

    Agreed. It's a curious issue, but the Roxio program when I was using it, did limit the kbps I was allowed to use compared to the amount available, I found no such limit in Xsplit, so I wonder if this was something that was overlooked? I'm hoping the program could indeed be updated in the near future, when it was working, it worked like a charm.
  2. Seisoku

    Live Streaming Stops Randomly

    I would assume broadening their products into a growing market such as Livestreaming they would restructure their support a bit. I can easily say 99% of consumers are not okay paying 20$ just to get an answer for a question that shouldn't cost money to do so. I've too had this problem and since then I've just switched over to Xsplit with a bought License, the program, to this day, across multiple computers built for either hardcore gaming/Media/streaming, have all had the same issue where the livestream just stops using the software program. Very little indication of error, the KBP/s rate is perfect across multiple servers I've tried, Miami/VA Primary and Secondary, and Texas servers. it all just comes down to it stopping randomly. I've contacted Twitch support about this and they've said numerous times that their servers are running just fine, considering I can connect to them via Xsplit, I'm inclined to believe that. If you have the option, Xsplit is a good choice. Past 1.2 update for it, it supports the capcard, and works extremely well, that's about the only solution I can offer. Also to clarify, I use Xsplit with a paid license, not a free trial, I'm not sure if 1.2 update is available for free users yet. As a customer, I'm not asking for them to waiver the fee of support tickets, Sure, it'd be fantastic if they did, but they should also be a little more active when it comes to updating people on possible future updates to the software and such. Even if it's just a TBA, It'd set the customer's mind at ease knowing it's being worked on.
  3. Seisoku

    Roxio Software

    Yeah paying for Xsplit is kind of meh, Especially now that OBS is starting to pick up momentum, but OBS is not compatible with Roxio's card. It's a lot easier on CPUs, so I'd prefer using it, I'd like to see it support external capture cards in the future such as this.
  4. Seisoku

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    I'm fairly sure this is Roxio's first attempt at giving an external card focus on streaming, feel free to correct me, so I knew there would be issues. Hopefully in time they are addressed.
  5. Seisoku

    Roxio Software

    I've been having this issue as well, But managed to resolve it by switching over to Xsplit, will probably give it another go at a later time considering the software for the card is a little less taxing on CPU.
  6. Seisoku

    Streaming Hiccups, Even At 240P?

    Update 1.2 of Xsplit now officially recognizes the GameCap HD PRO as a Camera, you can select it freely now, but I think this update is only available to licensed users, not free users, Feel free to correct me. The Gamecap Program just doesn't stream for me anymore, it crashes at every bandwidth test on every server ranging on tests from 500-2100kbps, so I switched over to Xsplit and it works just great, you might want to give that a go. If you're still receiving hiccups, try monitoring your CPU% taken overall when you stream, if it's 80% or higher, you might need to keep a few things closed. The card itself takes 40% just to load on Xsplit.