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  1. Hi, I am using Roxio 2011 and its been working great for a long time... recently I have stated to use the Copy & Convert function and I am having a problem with the Options | Audio & Subtitle |Subtitle feature. I am unable to turn it off! The "None" selection does not hold. When I press "Ok" it will default back to "English Bigger..." This happens to 80% 0f the movies I am trying to convert How can I turn subtitles set to NONE or OFF... Using Roxio 2011 Copy & Convert feature Convert to Zune - From (original) Audio_TS/Video_TS folder/file format to MPEG4 I have tried selecting ALL files to only the Movie_1 file and nothing seems to make any difference to solve this issue. Anyone got any suggestions how I can resolve this issue? Thanks in advance Phill