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    No Game Audio After Rendering

    I got dead space 3 yesterday and I edited it the same way I always do my other videos but after I Render the audio from the Dead Space video doesnt have any sound. All you hear after I render is my commentary. But the video during editing I watched the whole thing and before I render The video has game audio and my commentary but after it gets rendered It only has my commentary. Also I shorted the clip to about 1 minute and then rendered. Then I was able to hear my commentary and game audio. But I have made videos longer then this so IDK why that would be a problem, It was a 39 Minute Video. Also I recorded in 1080i in case that information is needed to help resolve this.
  2. So this thing has been working great but I've tried rendering this video 6 times already and each time they have no game sound. The game I was recording was Dead Space 3 in 1080i video is 39 minutes long. Anyways the only audio I hear after I Render it is my commentary and absolutely no Game sound from dead space. I cant figure it out can someone give me an easy solution.