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    Roxio Media Capture Has Stopped Working

    I am currently hooked up HDMI to my xbox 360, i am able to see the picture and the audio works as well, but when i click on start capture a pop up comes up that reads "Roxio Media capture has stopped working" and the program is forced to be shut down. I have done everything from Jim's list, i turned my firewall off and uninstalled the program, set it aside and reinstalled and got the updates, but still no fix. Please someone help, i have been working on this for hours. My PC specs are as follows: manufaturer: Dell inspirion Windows 7 model: 5520 rating: 5.1 processor:intel® Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz installed memory (RAM) 6.00GB system type: 64-BIT operating system
  2. can anyone HELP me with the sharing and editing part, an error pop up comes up saying to reinstal the program, but when i did that it still wont work. What do i do?
  3. clayto12

    Technical Problems Please Help!

    oh and the program is called Roxio game capture hd pro
  4. i have the program installed, i was able to record a clip, but when trying to edit the clip an error pop up says to try reinstalling the program. I have done this but it still wont work, what do i do?