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  1. Yes, they are full-face glossy colour labels covering almost the whole of the top side. They look like they have been applied (slightly off-centre) by one of those CD labelling kits. I didn't know labels had a negative effect on writable DVDs. Perhaps I should make some backup copies.
  2. As a slight tangent from the subject of backup disks, I bought the physical product rather than the download and the disks I received were DVD-Rs with labels stuck on the top. Not a problem, but surprising that they weren't proper pressed DVDs, especially given the price. It could be that NXT Pro is only really available as a download to UK customers and I effectively just received the backup disks without the download. That could explain why it isn't available to buy in shops or from other websites - maybe the disks are only burned on demand and there is no actual ready-to-ship packaged retail product? Disclaimer: Just observation and speculation. Step away from the pitchforks!
  3. Mine took nearly a month (between the dispatch date and the delivery of the post office "ransom note") to arrive. I assumed that was down to the customs delay. It is a great product once you get it. Mine has worked flawlessly on my Windows 7 64bit system.
  4. My point was that there's nothing on the site to indicate that you are not ordering a product from the UK until you place the order. The fact that additional customs charges are applied on delivery because of this is easy to miss. At least, I wasn't aware of it (the customs charge that is). If I'd been deliberately ordering from the US I might have been more wary but as I was ordering from a UK site I didn't realise I would have to pay the extra charge.
  5. Exactly. You click buy when you place the order. What's the dispute here?
  6. Ah, now I see it. That's on the order page, at the point you place the order, as I said. I knew at that point (and not before) it was an international order, but the whole customs issue didn't occur to me at the time. The note about VAT (which I did see) is normal, as VAT is normally included in the price for UK website purchases. Clicking the link for the list of countries seems to confirm this: I assumed from that the final price I was charged on the site (£54.47) was all I had to pay, like it normally is when ordering anything from a UK site. I've never had a parcel "held to ransom" by the post office until I'd paid an additional charge (£20.15) before, because it's all normally included in the website price, so it came as a surprise to me. However, I missed what it then goes on to say further down that link: So, there it is. The VAT is 20% not 15% and is NOT included, so gets added on by customs. Just goes to show you should always read ALL the small print! It still doesn't explain why the VAT was calculated based on a price over £6 higher than the one I payed, but at least that only cost me an extra £1 or so. I'm less annoyed with Roxio and more annoyed with myself now. But my warning still stands. Don't make the same mistake as me if ordering from the UK, and be aware it's going to cost you more than the price you pay on the site if you buy direct from Roxio.
  7. Anything shipped from outside the EU to the UK I believe. I don't think it makes any difference where it was manufactured. If I'd bought the standard NXT from Amazon UK it would have been shipped from the UK and the price on the website is all I would have paid. But I wanted the Pro version, which isn't available from anywhere other that Roxio themselves as far as I can see. I bought from www.roxio.co.uk which is a UK site and has all it's prices in UK pounds. As I said, it's my fault for not realising that they were going to ship internationally (which they don't tell you until you place the order) and that customs charges would therefore be involved (which they don't warn you about at all). I should have looked into it further, but as I was buying from a UK website it didn't occur to me.
  8. Just a word of warning to UK customers thinking of buying Creator NXT Pro direct from Roxio (which seems to be the only way of buying it from the UK). Don't make the same mistake I did and forget to take customs charges into account! It's not made very obvious until you get to the point of actually placing the order (in fact it's not mentioned at all until that point, when the delivery shows as "international"), but despite responding to a UK offer from a UK website with a price in UK pounds sterling, then paying in UK pounds sterling, your DVDs are actually shipped from America. This means that the UK border agency will charge you a whopping 20% VAT on the non-discounted price of the item and the post office will charge you an additional £8 "handling fee" on top of that, all of which you have to pay before they'll hand it over to you. What's more, Roxio put the full price of the item, in US Dollars, on the packaging rather than the price you actually paid for it. I paid £54.47 including postage for my copy, but the value printed on the package was $96.25 (about £60.75) and that's what they charged me the tax on. So there's me thinking I got a good price, but in the end I had to pay £54.47 to Roxio, £12.15 to the UK border agency and £8 to the Post Office - £74.62 in total. It's my own fault for not realising customs charges would be involved, but I wanted to warn others not to make the same mistake. I'm a little annoyed with Roxio for making it look like I was ordering from the UK until the last minute (this is from roxio.co.uk with British prices) and failing to warn about the extra charges. Presumably if you order the product as a download rather than a physical DVD, you won't have to deal with all this hassle and expense (and won't have to wait nearly a month to receive it either). Otherwise, if you can possibly buy it from anywhere else, do so.