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    Support For 3Rd Party Prograns

    Sweet that actually helps a bunch! And it will probably solve the Stream issue when i get a new PC
  2. RCox15

    Support For 3Rd Party Prograns

    Oh I have the CD Key still... is it reusable? I signed up with my e-mail but I don't know the e-mail or credit card that was used for purchase. The whole Roxio Package itself was the gift. I just need it on a new PC
  3. Is there any plan to release drivers so that I can use the Capture device as a camera in external streaming programs? As many of you know you can select it as a device but it doesnt register any video or audio. The gamecap software isn't very taxing on my PC but whenever I'm streaming it just randomly will stop and I have to quit the program and start over (This happens on 240 all the way to 720p, its not a bandwith issue). It doesn't seem like it is my PC causing the problem either. Anyway is there any idea how I can use the Roxio as a capture device for streaming software or any plans to update the drivers for 3rd party livestream programs? Also, I know there is a forum for it... but is there a way I can redownload my software if I get a new PC? I can't track my order because it was given to me as a gift.