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    Mac-No Recorder Found

    When I try to burn Video and photographs to a DVD on my Mac it comes up with "Recorder not Found". I have used TOAST 11 before to Burn a DVD slide show incorporating Video clips and Photographs and therefore, why can it not find the Recorder. On the Apple Mac how do I find the Recorder details to enter in the TOAST window?
  2. RobertoesRym

    Mac-No Recorder Found

    Thank you for the reply, I tried your proposal and it did not start the Recorder. I located the identification details and when I entered them to identify the Recorder it did not work. However, I used the iMov with some photographs and this worked and when I opened Toast later it showed the Recorder. The main point was that the Disc Burner details were "Hl-dt-st DVDRW GA32N" where as the details in the iMac hardware indicates it as "HL-DT-ST DVDRW GA32N" and therefore, the upper and lower case used when the Program was loaded was altered by the Program and was the reason that when I entered it all in upper case it did not work. The above may be of interest to others having the same problem and therefore, would you be able to communicate this so that other people can see the way that Toast list the Recorded information. Regards RobertoesRym