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  1. Hi, all! I hope I don't get yelled at by one of the moderators but haven't really found the answer to the question around errors when trying to split a long captured file. I have one that's over 2 hours long and know it won't fit on a single DVD. I've tried to split it but get the same errors that have been reported by others. I tried using two different batches of blank DVDs (the -R variety) and still get errors. Attached are a few screen shots to help illustrate the situation. As a side note, I have successfully burned single DVDs (as recently as this morning) from source material that doesn't exceed about 1-1/2 hours; it was only today when I was 'instructed' by the application to split the larger file that I had problems. Thanks in advance for the assist! Terry Wall
  2. OC Terry

    Video And Audio Captures Ok...but...

    Hi, Walt! I played the clip from the flash drive on another computer--my wife's laptop--and it worked just fine. Not sure why it won't play on my friend's computer, though it's an older Core 2 Duo machine. Maybe the sound drivers aren't up to par. I did check the mute and volume on his computer...still "no joy." But at least I know the clip has a solid audio track and that's what I wanted to make sure of before converting all of my friend's old tapes! Thanks again! Terry
  3. OC Terry

    Video And Audio Captures Ok...but...

    Yes, video and audio play back fine on my computer!
  4. Hi, Gang! Please forgive me if this has been addressed, but I looked and don't think I saw it anywhere. In using EVD Plus, I successfully captured both video and audio from a Video8 source to my computer's hard drive. However, I transferred the captured file to a flash drive to show a friend what I did (before he gave me 20 other Video8 cassettes to convert), and when we tried to play back the file on his laptop, there was no audio. I'm sure there's a simple answer...what say you on the forum, any thoughts? Thx! ~TRW
  5. OC Terry

    Single Line Audio Feed

    Took Steve's idea and bought a 1-to-2 "y" splitter. Thanks, everyone!
  6. OC Terry

    Single Line Audio Feed

    Greetings! I am trying to convert Video8 tapes from a Sony Handycam CCD-TRV37 which only has a single audio out channel. The Roxio supplied adapter allows for two channels. Which of the two channels should I use; white or red, or does it matter? Thanks! Terry
  7. OC Terry

    Hey, Walt... Split From Digital Files

    Thanks, Jim and "sknis"! Actually, I do have the program...just hadn't installed it yet, and because I work with Premiere Pro, I was merely alluding to formats I'm familiar with. I was mostly concerned about "editability" (not sure that's really a word ) of the converted files in Premiere. Thanks again to you both! Cheers, Terry
  8. Hey, Walt...looks like you're the man with all the answers! So here's a question for you: Since you point out that it is actually preferred to capture onto a hard drive first--and then move to a DVD (if that's the desired destination), what format does the program capture in? AVI? MOV? Some other format? What say you? Thx! Terry