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    Videowave - No Audio

    Hi Brendon The short clip (which was shortened using NXT PRO and which I posted) plays without audio in Movie Maker (both in the preview and after saving the movie for computer in mp4). However, if I import the original video in to Movie Maker - it plays with audio. If I trim this using Movie Maker, it plays with audio.
  2. Greenglass

    Videowave - No Audio

    Hi Everybody and thanks for your input. Firstly, I apologise for the clip I posted on upfordown. I used Creator NXT PRO to shorten my clip but didn't check to see if the clip played in WMP. After your comments yesterday, I found that it doesn't. So today I have shortened the clip using Windows Movie Maker. Saved Movie (for computer) in Movie Maker, which saves the clip as an MPEG4 file and, hey presto, I can now hear the audio when I import this clip in to Videowave. Seems a long way of going about things but it seems to work. Thank you very much for your time and assistance - I really appreciate it!
  3. Greenglass

    Videowave - No Audio

    Attached screen caps as suggested and uploaded a short clip on upfordown:- http://www.upfordown.com/pupload/view/84003
  4. Greenglass

    Videowave - No Audio

    Yes Jim, I open Edit Video Advanced. Videowave opens and I add video. No warning comes up about AC3 audio. The source files come from my sony camcorder and, as I said, files that I had previously used in Creator 2009 to make successful DVDs play with no audio in the preview pane of Videowave on my new PC with NXT Pro. All of my files play perfectly well with audio in Windows Media Player, so I know the audio is there. I have checked that the volume is not muted in Videowave. In the Production Editor Timeline View at the bottom of the screen, I show Internal Tracks - Native Audio and there is a green line. When I click on this, Audio Editor opens and I can manipulate the green line but still no sound coming out. Any suggestions?
  5. Greenglass

    Videowave - No Audio

    I have used Creator 2009 successfully for a long time. When I bought a new computer with Windows 7, it didn't function, so I bought Creator NXT PRO. When I add an .mpg video file in Videowave there is no audio, even though it plays perfectly well with audio in Windows Media Player. I have even tried .mpg video files that I have previously made in to DVDs successfully with Creator 2009 - but still no audio. Can anybody suggest why this might be happening and how I can resolve this issue?