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    User Manual For Creator 2012?

    Thanks Digital Guru... got the Manual downloaded and will move forward in my quest to make a DVD!!! I'll let you know in a couple of days or next week... CurlyGene
  2. CurlyGene

    User Manual For Creator 2012?

    I tried the link as GURU suggested but they user guides and not user Manuals.. I have tried to get the 2010 User Manual as listed in downloads, but can't find a place to actually get the download.... frustrating...
  3. I have completed using Creator 2010 for 3 DVD's from photos and Music for 3 really neat DVD's . They worked really good and I was really happy with them. Last November I updated to Creator 2012 and am now having a lot of problems getting a new set of photos into a DVD format and wondered if a User manual would help my problems.. I have forgotten How I set up the first three DVD's. Is there a User Manual for 2012 or can I use the manual for 2010.