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    Can't Print From Photosuite

    I am trying to print a card I created from the templates supplie with Roxio creator 2011 plus. I have up dated the software to SP1. I am using Photosutie to load and edit the card. After making the modification I wanted I saved the card and tried to print it, the program "acted" like it was printing. ie: dialog box displayed to tell me to turn paper over etc. but nothing prinrted. My computer is an ASUS CM 6730, I5, 6GB Ram, 1TB HDD, running Windows 7 64 bit with all current updates. Printer: Lexmark ProspectPro 205 running wireless network. All driver and firmware updates are current. All other applications (Word, Excel, IE9, Adobe reader) print with no problems. Any help would be great. Thanks.