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  1. Hi guys I have the Sony Digital 8 Handycam, which I connect to the Roxio Video Capture USB via RCA or S-Video cable. (Both have the same effect). I am using the newest video capture USB device. I don't have a Scart Adapter, so that's not the problem. (Product did not come with it) I have checked my device manager and it's all good. It picks up both Roxio Video Capture USB, the new device. My PC specs: Intel Core I7-3770 @3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, 64 bit, GTX N660 graphics card 2GB. I have not tried a normal VHS or DVD player as I only want to load stuff from the Sony camera. Thanks for the help. Henry
  2. Hi there I have recently bought and installed EASY VHS TO DVD 3 PLUS. This is the 3rd program of a different make I am trying. The program installed fine, but as soon as I want to start recording the video comes up in black and white or the whole screen goes yellow! I have tried it on 2 computers and even at the shop I bought it from. When playing it on the video camera or on the TV everything is fine. I live in South Africa and was told it might be a PAL or recording problem, but I don't think so. I am using a Sony Digital 8 Handycam. This problem happened on all the other VHS TO DVD programs I have used. Please help!!