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    Main Reason For Glitchy Captures Solved.

    Yea, why are you being rude? He did nothing wrong but show what was happening. Also, he fixed the problem by himself. So you sir can sit on that.
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    "not Responding"

    PC SPECS: Model: Latitude D620 RAM: 4GB (3.25 Gb Usable) System Type: 64bit Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M Intel Core2 CPU T7200 @2.00Ghz
  3. Topgammer

    "not Responding"

    Hello, I am having a pretty big problem. I can record and everything with the Roxio HD PRO, but when I click the edit & share I go into that. When I add a commentary or just something, it will freeze and say "Not Responding" Please help? Thanks! Topgammer