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  1. One other note - Click on the direct link button to download if you don't want to install CNet's installer software and choose the custom installation to avoid the add ons and home page redirection.
  2. I may have included the wrong link. This is the link to Version 6. http://download.cnet.com/Roxio-PhotoShow/3000-2193_4-10212973.html?tag=mncol;1 It is a trial version but since I am a Photoshow Premium Member - all I needed to do was sign into my account to enable all the options and remove the 15 day restriction. It may not have all the features of the Roxio site version 6. But it does let me upload videos which is what I was unable to do. So I am very satisfied.
  3. sknis, Yes, the older build seems to be doing the trick. I double checked what works and what doesn't. When I go directly to Photoshow.com, I cannot get video files to upload successfully. However, when I access the installed program, I am now able to upload videos with no difficulties whatsoever. Several times I had uninstalled the Version 6 on the Roxio site and reinstalled it. That version would not work. Six months and hours worth of trying every video file variation available. Also, money spent on another program that would let me include video. But since I love Photoshow I kept returning to try and resolve the video issue. Once I found this version on the CNet site - the program has worked flawlessly. This is the link I used to download from CNet. http://download.cnet.com/Roxio-PhotoShow/3000-2193_4-10671732.html If you are having issues and this works for you - perhaps we can mark this Topic Solved. Since I am only one user - I hesitate to make that determination. Good luck!
  4. Doing a Google search, I saw a link to Photoshow 5 - when I followed it I found it was for Photoshow 6. The version is 6.0.0 build 791. Size is 1,010. I downloaded from the CNet site. I ignored the downloader software - waited until a link to the actual Photoshow program came on screen then I chose custom installation so that I could avoid all the unwanted add ons. I unclicked all the boxes trying to get me to reassign my home page, etc. then downloaded the program. When I started it up, and added a video file, it worked immediately. It has continued working as long as I use the desktop shortcut. If I try and upload video from the Roxio downloaded version (installed on my computer) I can't add video. If I use the online version mentioned above, I have no problems adding video. I have been struggling with trying to add videos for at least six months, and am delighted that I finally found a solution that worked for me.
  5. Success! I had tried all supported video formats, using the Roxio downloaded version, using the online version, checking FAQs, ad infinitum. What finally worked was downloading Photoshow from CNET instead of using the one on the Roxio site. Now I can finally add video again! Not being able to get any unpaid tech support for a $30.00 program has been ridiculous. My next step was going to be paying for tech support - which probably wouldn't have worked anyway since I doubt they would have directed me to download from a site other than the Roxio site. I'm thrilled that my problem is finally fixed! I love the Photoshow program but since ownership has changed - getting answers has been an exercise in futility.
  6. For several months now I have been unable to upload any type of video files to Photoshow. I am running Windows 7 and mostly work with .mov files, but have also tried uploading quicktime movies, .avi files, and would be willing to try other video formats. No matter what size the files or what format I use I am unable to upload videos. I have added videos in the past with no problems. My old photoshows have videos but no shows I have created in at least the last six months have allowed me to add video. Any help would be appreciated.