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  1. So, I just got my Roxio GC HD Pro, (which I didn't order from this website) and I'm getting genuinely mad at this piece of hardware. My situation: I'm normally plugging my Xbox into my monitor, which doesn't have an HDMI input, only DVI. So my setup is as follows: Xbox ---HdmiSplitter ---HDMI---> Roxio GC HD Pro | ---Hdmi to DVI converter --> Monitor If anyone suggests checking the cable connection, I'm gonna ragequit and just send this back. That suggestion never helped anyone. When I start up my Xbox, my monitor doesn't display anything until it eventually lights up for one frame, showing a correctly displayed Xbox dashboard, and then return to showing nothing. It lights up about once every 5 minutes. In the Roxio Game capture HD Pro Software it says "No Signal" while displaying some strange lines which just flicker across the window. (Strangely, those lines cannot be picked up by screencapping, which is why I can't provide screenshots.) Those lines appear to be small parts of a correct image. I checked my settings but I can't find any property related to the problem. The Gamecap HD is shown in my Device manager and I already tried uninstalling the device and then repairing the installation. I have tried this both on Windows XP x86 and Windows 7 x64, same results. Might be related to the Xbox as it adjusts to the output (HDMI / DVI), which is pretty pointless, because to my knowledge there's no need for conversion between the two formats. If you need additional information, just ask. But please don't suggest things like "Make sure you powered on your Xbox". Makes me rage...
  2. @tbrewst Well, it kinda works. "Modify the casing" and plug in both HDMI and Component at the same time. Now you will get both video + audio through the HDMI cable, but only audio through the component cables. I've been using this to run the Xbox's audio signal through my computer into my headset to have both Xbox and PC audio at the same time through one headset. Useful for talking over Skype while playing @cdanteek My Xbox seems to have a pretty strange issue anyway. It does not give out a signal through pure HDMI, only when I use an HDMI to DVI adapter. Component and standart AV cables work fine too.
  3. I see it now: "SP1.1" in the about dialog. My monitor (acer X223HQ) is HDCP compatible, if you mean that by "compliant" (Sorry, english isn't my primary language). But isn't Xbox outputting regular HD without encryption anyways? Also, I researched a bit and came about another thread on this topic, where they discussed parallel usage of HDMI / Component on the RGC. Apparently, the wiring of the device itself does not allow for this anyway. But I'm not sure about the credibility of that source (and I lost the link to the thread too...). If this was the case, I will return my Roxio, since a converter from YPrPb / Component to my monitor's DVI-D connector would cost about 200$ which I am not willing to pay...
  4. Does not work I can only see the picture within the software. Does this function depend on the service pack 1 update? If so, that file seems to have been deleted from the official site's download link.
  5. So, I just got back from the store and tried it out. Finally! I get a clean signal through the component cable! However, just plugging in my HDMI > DVI adapter into the output of the RGC does not seem to give a signal through to my monitor Is there some kind of trick, or a specific order in plugging in my cables to get this to work? (Already tried the trick to get HDMI + Component output on the Xbox to work at the same time, but it did not seem to help.)
  6. I truly am not missing anything here, I can assure you that. It seems to be more of an issue with the Xbox detecting both normal HDMI output, as well as a DVI converter. This seems to result in no real signal at all, just a scrambled mess. I'm going to buy component cables tomorrow and then report if that fixed the issue. Just one question: Can I use component as the input on the RGC while outputting to my HDMI > DVI converter? Or is it only possible to use either HDMI or component for both in- and output?
  7. I'm not an idiot... Of course I plugged in my HDMI to DVI converter in the output slot at first. Because that didn't work, I looked for other people with this kind of problem. Turned out that many people say that the RGC is not compatible with those converters for whatever reason, which is the reason I tried separating the signals going to the RGC and my Xbox. Also, it works if I only plug in my monitor into the HDMI splitter, but as soon as I plug in the RGC the signal goes away and nothing seem to work. FYI the Xbox does not seem to restart as it would when detecting no possible output in that case.
  8. @Jim The only reason I used the splitter is because DIDNT work the way it was intended. I saw a suggestion by someone with a similar problem who apparently solved it with the splitter. Apparently my xbox has an issue though, as I does not seem to give out any signal when pluging it into an Hd-TV with just an HDMI cable. I'll need to research that problem. @Anteek I don't see how the overview page is going to help me at all. As for the screenshot, I'm on my phone atm because my cooler doesn't really work right now. i'll post one as soon as it works again.