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    No CD drive

    Raymond, I still have Roxio 11, it works fine. You do not need a new one. You can load it using a Super drive with USB and use your code, or download from Roxio directly using your code. Check your Launch Pad and see your Roxio is in. It shall work with MacBook Air. Why do'nt you login to Icould , which may still have the Roxio 11. Try it it should work. Good luck. Thanks
  2. kamalsaha

    HD DVD not playing in blu ray no more

    you may have a problem with blue ray model and toast 11 conversion. MP4 should work but not all blue ray can play. they a dvd player which might work. I do not use this toast 11, any more as it was m=not updated for compatibility, it is soon becoming obsolete. try MP 4 and use PC to play, my iMac will not play the old HD. hope this help. thank you
  3. kamalsaha

    Toast 11 Won't Open .disc Files

    I have used Toast Titanium 12.1 in the past, with no problem.But now with new Mac Software High Sierra it is not useful at all. I have transferred most of my Video files to DVD or CD and burned them. Now it is more difficult , this I stopped to use the Toast at all. If you convert the Disk files to USB and try to save them to new format, you might be able to recover some. Their customer service is bad, since Roxio sold them to Corel. You might have better luck with PC, but I have changed to iMac for 7 years, so I have not used them since 4/5 years. Sorry I could not help. Thanks
  4. I was able to convert Casette tape music to CD in a PC and then to ITune. But since 18 months with I can not do this in IMac. I have toast 11.2 for Mac. Is there a way I can record in Roxio Toast and then burn CD? The track name or numbers are not there as there analog cassettes. Can I add the track names also? Please advice, as Toast customer service in Roxio is practically does not exist. Thanks, kamal