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  1. Scott(GA)

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Attached are my dxdiag results. Best regards, Scott DxDiag.txt
  2. Scott(GA)

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Skinis, There appear to be at least a couple of other people, using completely different files, having this problem. One has posted in this thread only a few posts above this one. Another is a different thread but noted by me in the opening post of this thread. Regardless of that I pointed out in the original post of this thread that the identical file, on the same computer, worked fine in Creator 2012 Videowave as well as in Microsoft Media Player. What is the only thing that changed when I loaded Creator NXT 6? I will be pleased to entertain alternative theories that explain what else might be happening here. I know this isn't tech support but I have seen them, in the distant past, jump in occasionally. If nothing else, posting here helps the poor folks who google for issues similar to theirs and find that they are not alone. Best regards, Scott
  3. Scott(GA)

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Jim, Forgive me but you seem to have missed the point of my post. I will be more direct. I am confident you did not duplicate my project because I didn't attach a project file. Best regards, Scott
  4. Scott(GA)

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Jim, I'm sorry I guess I'm a little slow but... Where did you get "It"? (the duplication of my project) I haven't posted any of the video files that I was having the issue with. I DID attach an audio file that I recorded of 20-seconds of the 2-hour video being played: First in Microsoft Media Player (no distortion), Second in NXT6's Videowave (huge distortion) The attached file was to allow listeners to hear the comparison of the same identical segment. Had I only included the Videowave effort, one would have no idea what it was supposed to sound like due to the distortion. Best regards, Scott
  5. Scott(GA)

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Jim, Good morning! "...I just tried it in FastFlick as well as VideoWave..." Thanks... ...but I'm not sure what "it" is. Best regards, Scott
  6. No. There has been no response of any kind to my post. Best regards, Scott
  7. I posted a description on May 8, 2018 of a problem I was having with the audio being corrupted in Video Wave... (Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"). I attached a audio file of a sample of what my problem sounded like. Granted this was towards the end of the video and the audio's distortion increased as the Video's length increased. Is this the sort of problem you are having now in addition to your earlier issue? Best regards, Scott
  8. A little history first... I have used Creator 2012 for quite a while. With few exceptions, my sole purpose for this software was to turn Tivo'd programs into DVD's for my personal Geek Archives (History , Nova, etc.) I had saved these programs using AVCHD format and, when necessary, a dual layer DVD to record the program. Recently I tried to edit and burn a 2-hour episode of Nova onto a dual-layer DVD and the Dual-Layer DVD media's capacity was just a hair inadequate for my project. Creator 2012 had a Blu-Ray "Button" in MyDVD so... Fine, I'll get a Blu-Ray burner. Received the Blu-Ray and tried to create a Blu-Ray iso file... but I could not get a response from the Blu-Ray button. Looked at Creator 2012 box (Yes, I still had it!) and discovered a plug-in needed to be purchased (I have an issue with the button being there if there's no functionality but that's irrelevant). Of course the BluRay plug-in is no longer available for Creator 2012. So... I upgrade to Creator NXT 6 Pro. I load the same Nova program into NXT 6 Pro's VideoWave and the audio gets "fuzzy" (distorted) as the file is played. Sounds fine initially but towards the end of the file it is highly distorted to the point that voices are unintelligible. This is without any manipulation of the file - I am viewing and listening to it in VideoWave without any editing. I tried shorter files to see if that made a difference. A 19 minute file behaved basically the same way. It was distorting as the file was played. At the end of the 19 minutes the distortion wasn't as great as at the end of the 2-hour file but it was present. I tried different programs of different lengths - all exhibited this behavior. Editing the file (removing unwanted material) seemed to aggravate the problem - making it worse. This issue wasn't a problem with Creator 2012's VideoWave as the exact same 2-hour source file was used in both 2012 & NXT6. This 2-hour file plays fine (no distortion) in Microsoft's Media Player. The problem may be the same as the one detailed in Atlantic Videography's "NXT 6 Is Not Working" thread. I am using Windows 10 with a Lenovo P50 Laptop. Intel i7-6700HQ @ 2.6GHz 32 GB Ram Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Would it help to attach an audio file of the distorted audio? EDIT: I have attached a audio file to demonstrate the situation. Scott Media Player vs VideoWave.m4a
  9. I have recorded some hour long Television HD documentaries using my Tivo Premiere. I have transferred these to my computer, done some editing to remove about 7 minutes of unwanted material and then built an AVCHD file in myDVD. In order to get the highest resolution for my AVCHD file, I've had to specify that I'm using Dual-Layer DVD Media. A bit more expensive but certainly not as bad as Blu Ray media. I've been happily grinding these discs out on Dual-Layer media but today I noticed the iso file I produced was under 4GB. To keep things cleaned up, I have been deleting the ISO files after I burn them to a disc so I don't have the others that I've produced. I've opened up my DVD and brought the saved project for this disc back into the workspace. Under the disc size selector, towards the bottom of the page, it indicates: Used: 5417.6 MB Free: 3122.8 MB Time Remaining: 00:27:03 Yet the resulting iso file is well under 4GB. I had already burned this iso file to a Dual Layer disc when I noticed this. "What the heck", I thought, "let's see if I can burn this file onto a Single-Layer disc." The iso file burned to the single layer disc and plays with what appears to be the same level of detail when viewed on a 46" Sony TV. Any thoughts on what is happening to the missing gigabyte? Please be gentle if I've missed something obvious. Is there any way to see what the output resolution really is? Best regards, Scott
  10. I am pretty sure I didn't mention AVCHD in this thread until after you mentioned HD in one of your posts. Best regards, Scott
  11. I saw your response in the Creator 2012 area as to the work-around attempt. It may be useful to note that I had never seen that "orange bar thing" using my work-around or any other time for that matter ...until today. I had used my work-around and managed to render 4 chapters on the Chapter Menu page. However, when I tried to burn this AVCHD to an ISO file I got an error message - Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Error while Writing Format - as the project neared completion. I tried rebooting my computer and attempting another ISO file burn with the same results. Fine - I thought - I'll just go back into the Chapter Menu page and use my work-around to try placing the 4th chapter in a different place to see if that allows a burn to complete. When I did that I got the "orange bar" for the first time. I'll pick away at this a bit and see if I can defeat it. I've tried a couple of things to fix it on this project and got the "orange bar" each time. I hope this isn't an omen. Best regards, Scott
  12. Great! I have a possible work-around posted for this problem in the Creator 2012 area under Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs. The thread title is Mydvd Hangs When Adding A Chapter Menu - Possible Work-Around. Someone in the Creator 2011 area used the work-around with success for a single Menu Chapter page. Unfortunately they wanted multiple Chapter Menu Pages and I haven't needed to work on that issue ...yet. Good luck. Scott
  13. Scott(GA)

    Mydvd Cannot Render Chapter Menus

    It is gratifying to know it worked for someone else for a single page! Sorry your project is more complex than that. Thanks for posting this. Best regards, Scott
  14. Now that I examine your description of your project more closely, I see this is a different situation than I first thought. Still, you might care to look at my work around for a Chapter Menu hanging problem posted in the Creator 2012 Program Error/Crashes/Hangs section entitled: Mydvd Hangs When Adding A Chapter Menu - Possible Work-Around It may offer you some insight into your problem by explaining a solution to what is causing the Chapter Menu to hang when adding multiple chapters to a single video. Best regards, Scott
  15. Have you tried putting in just one chapter somewhat early in your 58 minute video? If not, please give that a try and report back. Best regards, Scott