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  1. Trying to create a Blu-Ray disc using MP4 files edited in Video Wave then exported to MyDVD. Works in Video Wave but when I export to MyDVD I can create a title menu and create chapters at 15 min intervals that's as far as I can go. If I attempt to edit chapter names, preview the work, or simply burn to a Blu-Ray disc the program goes into Not Responding. Project Validates with no issues, no error codes, no nothing, program just stops responding. Windows 8 Pro – Roxio Creator NXT Pro – 12 Gig Ram – EVGA GTX560 dual cards with latest NVIDIA drivers in SLI mode – Samsung 830 SSD 256 Gig - Gigabyte Mother Board GA-X58A-UD3R - Intel i7 930 processor - LG Blu-Ray Burner WH10LS30 -