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  1. Again, many thanks for your interest and comments. I've checked out Audio Hijack and will probably buy it shortly. BWT, the Healy looks great. Best Regards.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation on Audio Hijack Pro, I'll certainly look into that. As for the problem installation of CDSD. I've repeated your suggestion of deleting the CDSD extension in system>Library>extension. This is why I've posted my inquiry above. I thought perhaps there was another way to get at version 6.1.2 just in case I needed the newer version and was not using it. I see on the download that CDSD is version 6.1.2, but when CDSD is opened and "About CDSD" is selected, the version number I mentioned is seen at the bottom right of the dropdown screen. Anyway, a minor point, more importantly, following your step of deleting the file and then reinstalling fails to produce results on my Intel Mac Bk Pro. I consistently get the error message shown in my previous post. I empty the trash as well when deleting the file. My theory is that the portion of the file dealing with internet audio capture may not be compatible with Intel based Macs. I base this on the fact that I've done a complete uninstall of T10 following Roxio guidelines even to repairing permissions as the last step. Then downloading the updater and installing. All other portions of the download function as does CDSD with the exception of the audio capture on the internet feature. A most perplexing problem. Again, my thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Hi to all, I've looked at 72 pages of topics on this forum. Nowhere did I see any reference to the problem I've experienced trying use the T10 updater which installs 10.0.9. As it is advertised it is suppposed to include all past updates, I have assumed that the most recent version of CD SpinDoc was included. I have performed a complete uninstall of T10Pro using directions provides elsewhere in these 72 pages. Downloaded the T 10 updater. Found that the version of CD Spin Doc (6) is 5.0.4.t (v47). On Roxio's download site, there is also an option to download CDSpinDoc update. Clicking it merely directs you to another page, where ultimately your choices are this forum, or paid consultation. It would appear that Roxio does not provide the updated version of CDSpin. Question: Is this correct? Or is there another site where I can obtain this update. The update is needed as my system, Mac BkPro, OSX 6.8, does not accept the install of CD Spin Doc's driver for recording internet audio sources. I have tried several times deleting files in preferences, extensions ect. All efforts have produced the same error messages attached. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I apologize for the length of this post. CCox