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    Odd Effects After Burning Hd Movie

    tsantee, thank you for your help! I should clarify two other points: 1) though I'm using a blu-ray player for playback, the media is a Standard Def DVD. I used a DVD+R. I read somewhere else I should try DVD-R so I bought some of those today and will try tonight. 2) I created the Movie in iMovie 11. When I was in Toast, I selected that movie project. Toast seemed to recognize it was a 1080p project. Do these facts change your suggestions in any way? And where do I Save as Disc Image? Is that in iMovie, Toast or somewhere else? Again, thank you!
  2. cgulls

    Odd Effects After Burning Hd Movie

    Background: using an old-ish iMac, I created a movie in iMovie 11 using HD footage from my HD camcorder. I discovered that when using iDVD to burn a disc, HD is lost. So, after researching some forums, etc., I bought Roxio Toast 11. I bought the HD/bluray plug-in, created the movie in Toast, selected the HD format option, then burned the movie onto an SD disc. The good news is that when I play it in my bluray player on my LCD TV, the HD is back! Most of it looks terrific. But it created two new problems: 1) I'm a novice and don't know the term for this effect, but there is a massive amount of the edges of objects looking very ragged. It doesn't happen on all the video. Just some. Possibly when there is a certain movement? It's not subtle. It makes certain portions of the movie unwatchable. It may be an unfair question if I'm not describing it clearly, but can anybody possibly help me identify what this is and how I might get rid of it? 2) I'm using some blank screen (black) during some transitions between movie segments. On my Mac and when I burned using iDVD, those appeared as they were supposed to. Using Roxio Toast, though, those black screens aren't properly black. It looks like a video effect of flying a spaceship through a star field. Can anybody help me? Thank you!