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  1. Sorry to bother you guys again but it says that a Dual Core 2.3 GHz above is recommended for 1080 30p/60i recording. Do the requirements change for 720p recording. My computer has a Intel Pentium 2.10GHz Processor would this work for 720p recording.
  2. well I have just found out that my computer does not have a able processor. thank you for being extremly helpful during this and taking the time out of your day to help me. One of the best tech support by far. -Austin
  3. Is there any page where I can look at the min. requirments and compare them with my spec?
  4. my computer currently has a Intel HD Graphics Family video card is this my problem?
  5. When i took a screen shot it looked normal so i had to take some bad pictures with my ipod sorry. I hope you can see the problem though.
  6. when ever i open the program then hit the capture button it will automatically go black screen and when i try to click the window it freezes
  7. well whenever i try to open the window it automatically goes to a black screen so i dont have the opportunity to go full screen
  8. hello, I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD and after instaalling the product i plug it in to my xbox and tv. I plugged in the right cord to each socket and everthing works. My problem is when i open the software and try to hit the capture button my screen turns black wherever i move the window. Please help me