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    Attention Windows 10 Insider Preview Users

    Hi, I haven't tested windows 10 yet, but the I currently use just the original roxio drivers before the service pack 2 ones. No roxio software installed, just the driver files. I use it with gamercap and the roxio game capture hd pro works great with it. Gamercap does not depend on roxio software as far as i know and if it works in windows 10 and the drivers that i use can be installed in windows 10, then the device will work.
  2. Hi, Just want to know if hdmi is input, can the component output pass signal to a tv? If component is input, can the hdmi output pass signal to a tv? Thanks for any good replies.
  3. Milardo

    Show Us Your Captures

    My computer I used-(just one) played a game and recorded on same computer just for a test-recorded hdmi-1280x720 and 3200 for the bitrate. Clevo W110ER 11.6 inch laptop Intel Core I7-3610qm 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz memory DDR3 500gb seagate hybrid ssd hard drive Geforce GT-650M with optimus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEP3eLrPydI
  4. Milardo

    Recording Hdmi From Laptop Isnt Possible?

    Hi, i can't see your attached picture, but it is possible to record from an hdmi output of a laptop to another computer, but you have to have that output enabled in your graphics utility.
  5. Milardo

    Using With Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti

    Ok i will post a picture when i get a chance. Hardware setup for laptop is hdmi out of laptop goes to hdmi input of roxio device. Usb from roxio goes to any available usb port on the laptop. Optional is hdmi out of roxio device to hdmi in of monitor or tv. Software i will post screenshots when i get a chance. By the way in the roxio faqs for this device, it does mention that you can use one computer-powerful one is recomended.
  6. Milardo

    Using With Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti

    Maybe nobody else has posted the solution yet? I could be the first, but also, i have 2 laptops where i connected the device (each by itself) as well, i tried my method and it works, you don't need a second monitor/tv to do this. It took some trial and error but it will work.
  7. Milardo

    Using With Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti

    Hi, i have a desktop with a gtx 680. I have been able to hook up the game capture hd pro to that computer (usb) and have one hdmi cable to from my gtx 680 to the roxio device. So yes, you can play and capture from one computer definitely. Make sure to either have the computer restarted if you connect when the computer is on, or before turning on computer connect all cables to computer and roxio device. If device doesn't show up in roxio capture software, you will need to enable the roxio (multiple display) in nvidia control panel. Also, you need to select the nvidia hdmi audio in sound properties of windows as default device if you would like to capture audio. From testing if you capture when the preview audio function of roxio game capture is enabled, you get a background noise so better to disable that. If you would like to hear what is playing, use the hdmi passthrough of roxio device and hook up to a hdmi tv or monitor with speakers to so you can hear the sound, etc. Hope this helps.
  8. Milardo

    Capture Video Source From Pc (Vga To Hdmi Converter)

    Hi, i don't really know about using vga to hdmi converter, but i capture from hdmi source of one computer to another or to the same and capturing is fine. There might be an audio issue, though with your vga to hdmi converter, from what i read in these forums. HDCP doesn't seem to be a problem i can capture anything from the source computer. Color space isn't a problem that i know of the default setting should work. For input resolution, the roxio capture software will not start in less than 1024x768, however you can change resolution once program is started in capture mode. Also, something weird but cool, if your resolution is changed to 1280 x720, the program captures at 59 fps.
  9. Milardo

    Strange 100% Cpu Usage

    Hi UmaiGaming, I have a somewhat similar problem, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/86808-why-does-the-capture-window-use-100-cpu-usage-when-not-capturing/ I have a amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ desktop with that problem. My laptops don't have the problem though.
  10. Milardo

    It's Possible To Capture At 59.94 Fps

    Hi, i found out that if you set your hardware device that is connected to like hdmi input of roxio game capture hd pro at 720p or like 1280x720, i've actually captured files at 59.94 fps. You also need to set hd 720 or 480 in the capture options of roxio capture software. It's pretty cool. Anybody else have done this yet? By the way, I am capturing pc input.
  11. Hi, has anybody experienced the capture window when open and not capturing or streaming-cpu usage can go up to 100%? But when capturing to file-usage is only about 27%? I'm fine with that but not when the program is idle.