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  1. Hi my name is Marco i'm a client from Italia. My English is not strong but I can make myself understood. I can not understand though why Roxio game capture hd pro does not work (place a picture of what comes out) It makes me very angry because I have followed the various discussions in the forums, and still nothing happens. Can you give me an explanation?
  2. I just did everything you told me, but now when it is open always tells me capture device disconnected and just try to click on any option, the program crashes ... could you please send me a video with all the steps I should follow? please I'm going crazy looking for a solution because if I can not find a solution I think I will call the company that sold it to me and return it (In the first post I meant exactly this problem but I expressed myself badly because of my bad english sorry)
  3. I'm sorry I do not speak English very well, but I'm trying to understand, could you kindly explain a little more detail? excuse me
  4. I did everything you told me in post 25 but nothing has changed ... I'll show you the picture tell me if you can help me please
  5. OR JIM HARDIN: it doesn't translate in " no signal " but in "capture device disabled" and i don't know what to do
  6. FOR ROOKIE : I tried as you said but the roxio will not work, It always write the same phrase: "capture device disabled" ... do you know how can I do? my impression is that the roxio does not detect the output of hdmi cable .. if you can help I'd be happy
  7. I connect the hdmi cable in roxio where it says input after I connect to xbox 360, then take another hdmi cable and connect the roxio where it says output and then connect it to the TV