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  1. The game capture wont work even if I've tried multiple cables and computers and even consoles it just wont work!
  2. Yeah for the price and these problems and ^#!& quality might as well pay a little extra and get an elgato
  3. It's been like that since I got it and it still worked but now it is not in the warranty what should I do?
  4. Is Point 1 Normal as I bought it new from PC World UK also what should of I have done about Point 2?
  5. I got the roxio from pc world it was new and it was missing on rubber foot
  6. And it still had adhesive in the notch where it should be?
  7. Thanks for the help guys also when i bought it it came missing one rubber foot new from pc world
  8. Dont even get that now just gives off an electric shock which it always did?
  9. The computer makes the usb connection noise when I plug it in but wont show up
  10. It didnt some books did and something happend to it but it did not fall off
  11. It didn't fall at all only the cables came out it's hard to explain
  12. No Signal From Roxio Game Capture checked all cables still even get an electric shock from it as well...
  13. Just checked it realised it fell of the cabinet and the cables came out slightly sorry for any inconvenience caused by my not clear questions/queries
  14. Sorry for not replying on that post as I figured it out my self as that was on a virtual machine and that does not work too well on my new PC it wont pick it up at all i believe
  15. Hi after pluging it in again it has just stopped working and says drivers and stuff and wont say its plugged in and says its unknown device.