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  1. When i call it says they don't off technical support. come to this fourm
  2. Really there is no driver software i can download nothing at all. Here is what my device manager looking like and gthere is nothing under sounds http://gyazo.com/86421de3e41a12973721083714586cfa
  3. Problem is i lost my install disk but i still have the roxio software on my laptop but not the drivers.
  4. I need help really bad i have been attacking this for 2 hours now, all i need to no is what the heck Transcoder is and its why its not installing properly. if someone can give me a link to a driver installation download i would very much appreciate it i am sick and tired of this product alright and i haven't even used it yet. Screen shot of the transcoder thingy: http://gyazo.com/9cbaa91d763ebcb99e09507388f3831a