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  1. Berdon: Thank you my friend for taking the time to explain in detail what you said. I really appreciated your help, I was loosing hair by the hour trying to find out a good solution. I will do as you said and uninstall old programs, registries, defrag, make an image, etc. If the problem persist after doing this, I will take my chances on formatting the disk. Best Regards
  2. Brendon: Thanks for your fast response, I do not have an image of the HDD, so I guess I will have to do the uninstalling individually. But at least I´m not wasting time looking for an answer BTW when you say "formatting the drive and re-installing everything from the start" you mean for me to get all the Drivers (Audio, Network, Display, Web cam), and a Windows XP installation disk??? Thank you very much my friend
  3. Hello Can Anyone tell me how to do a Factory reset of my system with Back on Track, I have been looking for this option everywhere but with no success, because on BoT you can only go back to a certain point (In my case I can only go back 2 months ago). My Mini CQ10 120LA i s very slow and I need to format, reset, etc to the very first day I bought my notebook. I have tried a lot of things, and I have given up, can anyone help me??? My OS is Windows XP Thank you to anyone in advanced