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    Display Shrunk On Pc

    Check the resolution on what? When I plug in through the RGC the resolution on my PC says it's still the same even though the screen now is smaller with a black border so it has to be the RGC is there something in the options to fix this?
  2. JSaTT

    Display Shrunk On Pc

    So I want to record the things on my XboX and PC tower. I have the roxio software and such on my laptop. Both the XboX and the PC Tower plug in via HDMI so when I want to record one or the other I just have to replace the HDMI cable on the input of the roxio (basic setup). I'm on a 21" monitor and it's a black border around the outside of the picture about 1 inch thick all around. I never have this problem with my xbox and roxio which is plugged into the same monitor nor with my Tower when it's plugged directly into the monitor without the roxio device. Laptop = Used to Capture Monitor, XboX, PC = Has Footage I want to Record
  3. JSaTT

    Display Shrunk On Pc

    My Roxio works wonderfully for my Xbox 360 and One on the same monitor. I use my laptop to record sessions. When I plug in my tower PC through the HDMI the picture on my monitor is shrunk. I tried changing resolution through my tower which it doesn't work and tried screen size from my monitor which is already full and shows full screen when I don't have the Roxio plugged in. Any Suggestions?
  4. JSaTT

    Any In-Game Delay?

    While using the device is there any delay on the tv while playing a game? Twitch shooters like Call of Duty require quick response time. I am aware of the 2 second delay on the PC while recording. Thanks