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  1. When using the Roxio Converter to change format from MKV or MP4 to Divx(avi) or HD (WMV) the converted video is good, but there is no sound. The conversion process is supposed to use MP3 for Divx and WMA for HD. Both formats have no sound after conversion. How do I get the sound to convert?
  2. I got the trailer by email telling me that the movie was real good and I should go and see it. I do not have the full commercial film. I just got Roxio Creator 2012 loaded on my computer and was trying out the features and noticed that the converted avi file had no sound. Is there a problem with the Roxio conversion or is there a setting when using the copy and convert that I should be changing? What was uploaded was a 2-3 minute trailer, just over 100 MB. It took less than a minute to upload each file. The mp4 extension was renamed from mkv. Sony told me to try it if you cannot play mkv. It sometimes works. NeilB
  3. To digital guru: You are correct. I was using copy and convert on Roxio Creator 2012. As suggested I uploaded to upfordown. The location for the avi and mp4 are as follows: http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/13473/samplecopy.mp4 and http://www.upfordown.com/files/download/13473/sample.avi They are short trailers. Note that the mp4 (converted mkv since upfordown does not allow mkv) was run through the copy and convert to avi. Please advise how to avoid loss of sound when converting. Thanks. The mp4 plays fine with video and sound and the avi has good video and no sound. . I used GOM player, Roxio and Nero, with the same results with no sound after converting using Roxio.. NeilB