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  1. I had Roxio2012 on an older HP-WinXP-32 machine and rendering (MPEG-2 for DVD, best quality) always was about 'real-time' speed. I have now upgraded to Win7-64 on 2 other computers and the rendering to run very slow - 1-2 minute clips take about 10-15 minutes. What has happened or is different? JmarkRON
  2. JmarkRON

    Mini-Picture Effect Over A Clip/interview

    Larry ... Thanks for the excellent reply of instructions. It sounds straight forward enough that I'll try it once in front of my system. I believe the topic can be closed. THANKS ...... JmarkRON
  3. I have an interview clip. I also have a mini-picture of the individual of when he was a child. what I wish to do is lay in his mini-picture (like a TEXT effect/overlay) into the clip and maintain the interviewee's clip. I know I could do a picture overlay, but that completely covers the original interview/clip (but allows the audio). My desire is to show the 'new' in the interview clip and the 'old' picture in the corner or place of my choosing with maybe a slight rotation for a nice effect. Any ideas or are there any effects that I'm missing? JmarkRON