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    Third time must be the charm! Tried to install it a third time and everything went perfectly. I kind of feel like an "idiot" right now, but problem solved. That's all that matters.
  2. I tried to install Roxio – Creator NXT 3 Pro and my computer screen froze. The screen then said to try a second time. When I tried to install it a second time I received an error message (Error Code 0652). I need to contact technical support but I am unable to get anyone to give me a support code number. When I registered my product and received an e-mail confirmation there was no support code included. So far trying to get one has been a real challenge. I am still not able to find anyone that can help me. I am trying to get technical support to help me with the installation and what I am doing wrong? I have turned off my antivirus software and firewall. What did I miss? Thank you.