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  1. Hi .... Can anyone tell me isit possible to reinstall this software back to my PC which is a 64bit system windows7 home premium ... The software was preloaded when I bought the set up ... I just had to activate it via the product key!! My son accidently uninstalled it no idea how but I only found out afew days ago.... I can't download the software on the Internet. Because I'm not connected at the moment ... ?? These reboot discs on "ebay" that suppose to set ur PC back to the day u got it.... Will it install the home office & student 2010 ie which was already preloaded ? Or am buggered ? Any ideas out there ?
  2. help required

    Easy Cd & Dvd Burning Not Accepting Cd Key

    I've typed in the product key 5 times still saying product key not valid all letters are clear and upper case and same with the numbers too So does one gather I will need to be connected t the Internet for this software to work. ? Even though I've read through the information when trying to install ... That some of the software doesn't need Internet connection ... So does one have any ideas or help they can give pls....
  3. help required

    Easy Cd & Dvd Burning Not Accepting Cd Key

    Yes!! Only difference is a Red Cross box appears beside we're I'm typing the product code ? Ps. So do I need the Internet ?
  4. Can you help me I've just recieved my software package and installing disc for (roxio easy cd/DVD burning) But!!! The thing is I can't seem to install it on my PC ..... I'm not actually hooked up to the Internet at the moment , could this play apart in not loading ? When I type in the "product key" as follows its saying "product key not valid. ???? Never post you CD-Key on a public forum!