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    File Size Issue On Converted Movie (Wii)

    Hi tsantee. About the source video, are you sure that the file is larger than 117.4MB? I don't know if Finder is lying to me about the file size, but could the video codec not compress the source video, so that the file size actually is 117.4MB? The size calculation for the converted video file is according to Toast 295.7MB (which seems appropriate), but when I'm finished converting the source video it just raises to 1.09GB all of a sudden! I don't know if it is normal that the file size raises when converting videos (I don't have much experience with the technical aspect of videos), but my intuition tells me that it seems wrong that the file size raises to this degree since i'm decreasing the resolution and quality of the source video.
  2. Dear Roxio forums. I'm a happy owner of Toast 11, and I have a movie file on my mac that I want to convert to a wii compatible format. But I'm having a issue when trying to convert the file. It is possible for me to convert the file in Toast without any problems, but when i examine the file size of the converted file, the file size is multiplied by a factor around x10 - x15. For example my original file has a file size of 117,4MB and the converted file has a file size of 1,77GB (wii best) or 1,09 GB (wii standard)!?! What is going wrong? I hope that you can answer my question since I really like Toast, and I don't want to find a new program to convert video files in. Sincerely Simon P.S. The file that I want to convert has the following specifications (according to Finder): Type: MPEG-4-movie Size: 177,4MB Resolution: 1280 x 720 Codecs: H.264, AAC Length: 15:44