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  1. I have done this 3 times.....when done playing a track on the LP, it then asked me where I would like to save,,IMovie..ITunes or Save.....but now It will not allow this action.......I had spoke with Tech Reps at Roxio prior to purchasing the software and they informed me that the VHS to DVD for MAC would do this just like the PC version......Thanks for you comments...
  2. When I purchased this software I was informed that I could play records and/or Cassette tapes and record to ITunes......this worked 3 times.....now when I play a specific or any LP selection that I want to load in.....as soon as I press the STOP button.....you get the option at the bottom of the screen to either do a Save or Save to IMovie or Save to ITunes.........this worked fine for 3 times and now as soon as I press the Stop button I do get the info at the bottom but before I can do anything it disappears and I can't save.......Any suggestions.
  3. awjligonier

    Sync Audio And Video

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will give a try next batch that I do and yes I am using the Roxio VHS to DVD for mac.
  4. awjligonier

    Sync Audio And Video

    After loading out some VHS tapes of Drum & Bugle Corps, and when doing some editing in IMovie, such as eliminating parts and adding transitions.....when I burn to DVD and play back, the video and audio are off......example watching a drummer drum....video side has stopped and audo is about 2 second behind......any fixes for suggestions for this problem......Thanks for any help in advance...WJ