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    Deleted Photoshows

    I have submitted 3 questions to that link with no response !! And no luck with the phone number either ... so frustrating! Thanks for the links though.
  2. CandyG

    Deleted Photoshows

    This very same thing happened to me ... I am so devestated!! I also cannot get in touch with anyone!! I know for myself, my account had been inactive for about 4 months, because I forgot to renew, and when I signed up ... they were gone If this wasn't the case with you, maybe it's a glitch!! But horrible how you can't get in touch with anybody!! If you figure something out let me know please!! Good luck!
  3. CandyG

    Roxio Account Lapsed All Previous Shows Gone

    I have sent to messages to the link you posted above and no response ... so sad!
  4. CandyG

    Roxio Account Lapsed All Previous Shows Gone

    Oh and thank you for that Link!!! I had yet to get to that!! Hopefully I will get some sort of answer. Thanks again
  5. Thanks I did download the Photoshow 6 and my last photoshow I made is on that. I did also receive an email confirmation when I renewed but there is no number to register it. I just so want to know if they can give me back my old shows ... but can't send an email asking a question without a support code which I apparently can't get without registering?!
  6. CandyG

    Roxio Account Lapsed All Previous Shows Gone

    That's what I"m afraid of I probably did get a reminder, but with some health issues in our family emails didn't get looked at / answered for a while. My account expired in I think October, and I renewed in February. thanks for your reply
  7. Do I have to register my online premium photoshow to get support? If so, how do I do that? I did not receive a key/activation code that they require when registering?
  8. My credit card had expired and so my account lapsed. When I renewed all of my previous online photoshows were gone. I never saved them, I assumed I would always have access to them. I am at a loss on how to contact support. I can't seem to submit a question. HELP!??? Please