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  1. pemby66

    Roxio Hd Pro In Game Voice Chat Recordable?

    I know a way of recording a live commentary into your roxio at the same time as your game audio - thus cutting out the need to re-edit your footage, by that i mean: do it all in one go to save time. Check my tutorial on this subject : Edit: Deleted due to fowl language... Always use the Church Test when posting... If you wouldn't stand up in a Church and say this, it isn't going to fly here Otherwise a great video on this ~ I hope pemby66 will clean it up and repost
  2. pemby66

    How Do I Sync Commentary With The Video?

    I have found an easy way to record your voice and your video - all with your roxio hd pro - no need to add your voice audio later as with this method, you can do it all in one. Check out my tutorial on this very subject : I really think people should know this, as i have heard it said that it isnt possible - well...IT IS OK? Deleted... foul language, same for the one HERE
  3. Hello, firstly i am pleased with the capture quality (even though there is interference from my component cables - ps3 set-up) A kind of "ghosting" or faint wavy lines on the screen, but despite these problems i have found that less than 50% of the time the capture software actually works and completely crashes my pc.(intel core 2 duo running windows 7 32 bit. I think it urgently needs to be patched and sorted out as the capture quality is really good and a shame that the software included is really unstable.