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    Runtime Error When Launching Any Tool From Creator Nxt

    Nevermind I found it myself. When I tried the 'create a dvd' option, it showed up a message saying d3dx9+33.dll is missing. Turns out this dll is a DirectX 9 dll. Using Dxdiag app from windows, it shows DirectX 11 is already installed. Altough it is supposed to be backward compatible from what I can read, it seems it is not the case. Tried installing DirectX9 from the web. No luck. Uninstalled then installed again. no luck Then I looked on the Creator NXT cd and there's a Dxsetup.exe file which seems to have installed the missing DirectX 9 components because once I ran this, it started all working (well from what i can see so far).
  2. Hi, I just registered my product and I have an issue running it, I get a nifty error message popping up everytime I try to run pretty much anything in it. I registered my product fair and square and got a pretty 'Welcome to the Roxio family' email, in which according to the web site I am supposed to get a support code that I can use within 14 days to help for issues... Problem is: there's no code whatsoever in there! How do I get my code??? I find it frustrating to have to spend so many time searching the web to get a little help on a new product I just bought! Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I've just installed my new Creator NXT program (I'm on Windows 7 SP1 on 64 bits PC). It launches fine, but when I try to launch any app from within NXT, as an example going on Photo then into 'create a slideshow' (I hope it is the exact term, my installation is in french so), I get an error popup saying 'Program...\Roxio Creator NXT\Common\RoxWizardLauncher14.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an usual way. Please contact the application support team for more information.' Any idea?