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    Can't Burn A Dvd

    Burning to the image file first worked. Thank you.
  2. MichaelRY

    Can't Burn A Dvd

    Just recently I have started to get the "failed to start the image writing operation. Error while burning image 8004003 error". It goes through the process of encoding the video and then I get this error and have to start over. I get the same error every time. I am using Verbatim DVD-R. What do I do to fix this?
  3. I just purchased Easy CD & DVD Burning. I tried to burn a video that I already had on my computer. I can see the video but there is no sound. The video works fine in other programs to play it. The message I get is "One or more of the added files contains AC3 audio, which is not suported in this version of the product. The audio will be replaced by silence. Please see the Home Page for how to upgrade to a version with AC3 audio support". The file is in .MPG format. I have also tried .WMV format and don't even get the above message. There is no sound. I am assuming that I must upgrade. What do I upgrade to? Unless there is some way of fixing this. Please help.