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    Rendering Seems To Be Frozen

    i made a video and put a lot of time into it. it is approximately 35 seconds long. it took a while because my computer is pretty slow but can still manage to make everything nicely. I started to render it so i could send it to a friend, but it stopped around 18% of the way and hasn't budged in an hour. i've tried multiple times to no avail. The no number on the screen change ( like duration or frames). Is it taking this long because of my computer or is this a normal happening? is it actually frozen?
  2. I am trying to make a video using clips i recorded on my Iphone. when i try to upload them to videowave it says i need to download quicktime, version 7.04 or higher. i downloaded the newest version and have used it. I still get the message when trying to upload a clip even after i downloaded quicktime. How do i Upload clips from i Iphone? any help wouldbe appreciated