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    Roxio Won't Work ...

    can you please reply soon .. :l i really wanna figure this out otherwise i might just send it back and get a refund (i'd rather figure out what's wrong)
  2. cR Desire

    Roxio Won't Work ...

    If it would help, i'll screenshot speccy and post it here? if you can tell me how lol
  3. cR Desire

    Roxio Won't Work ...

    Yes I did, multiple times.... because I thought I kept doing it wrong..
  4. Hello, I just received my Roxio Game Capture today, and plugged it into my xbox and tv, after downloading the disk that came with it, and making sure everything was downloaded currectly i tried to start capturing but i get "no signal" and "select video device failed".... after trying to re-install (several times) it still wouldn't work, looked through all the forums, and even had friends help that have Roxio's and we can't figure out what the problem is... If someone could please help me soon i'd appreciate it!