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  1. Recently I purchased the Creator NXT software. First: WHen I download the program, its name is "Creator 2012 ESD". Is it really the good version of product I had purchased ? Second: When I try to install this one on a windows 8 PC then, there is a compatibility error message that printed. How to install this ? On the website there was explicitly written that NXT is compatible to Windows 8. Third: I tried then to install on my laptop which run into windows 7. The installation works fine on it. Thank you in advance.
  2. svandecappelle

    Creator Nxt Installation On Windows 8

    Some news after long time talking to roxio support's team. There is problem on the purchase web store. They purpose me a repayment. At now the problem on web store persists, be carefull when you want to purchase this.
  3. svandecappelle

    Creator Nxt Installation On Windows 8

    I purchased it on http://www.roxio.com/fra/products/creator/suite/data-copy.html web page. The download link forward to the Creator 2012