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    Edited Video Will Not Render Properly

    A very big THANK YOU DG! I'll get at this. And here I thought my auto updates would take care of all obsolete drivers. Guess not. While waitting for a solution, I've been trying the file with MS moviemaker live and having no problem with it. Ah well...
  2. Boyhowdy

    Edited Video Will Not Render Properly

    Have included "dxdiag"j file. Clip was loaded with MS moviemaker (.avi) and edited with creator NXT. Size of file loaded 13.5 Gb. DxDiag.txt
  3. Boyhowdy

    Edited Video Will Not Render Properly

    Using Creator NXT. App in the suite is Videowave. When output is selected, render either will not start, or will hang AFTER trying to include the original video. Not using copy, convert or blue ray.
  4. When I attempt to make my edited video into a movie choosing "all" as my choice for method of viewing, I get an error messsage as: "unable to build the render graph." If I choose "view on another PC" the render starts as I would expect it to, but about 30% to 40% into the render, it suddenly switches to the original unedited video and tries to render that. This would make an edited video (according to the rendering dialog box) that would be nearly two HOURS long. About 80% through everything stops. I have no idea about the settings in the "make video" dialog box that could solve this problem. HELP!.