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  1. listen i just need help i recently got a roxio hd game cap and had it hooked up to my toshiba laptop until i got a tv near my computer... so i hooked it up to my hp slimline desktop and went through the same set up i did on my toshiba but i encountered an issue when i am in my capture preview screen i have everything ready my output is to 1080i its saved to the right place, it is literally identical to my laptop and i just tried it on my laptop to make sure it worked and it did so when i hit start capture the preview screen goes black and my status goes blank for a second then it creates almost an image instead of a video recording for less than a second and that file goes into my recent capture window. Here is the kicker it acts like it is still recording so i did two gameplays and commentarys in full and there is nothing there just this almost still image so what am i doing wrong??