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    Xbox One Signal Is Protected

    When I go to capture on the xbox one, it says the signal is protected. It was working fine yesterday. So I don't really know what happened.
  2. austinX117

    Xbox One Signal Is Protected

    I think I might have found a resolve. In order to fix it you most likely tried to use the tv aspect of the xbox one. Therefore it turned on the hdcp protection. In order to get rid of it you must restore your xbox one to factory settings.
  3. I have all my cords setup. HDMI is running into the roxio and out. My usb cable is running into my computer. The light comes up saying it's on HDMI. But no picture is on my tv and no signal is on my software. Please help....
  4. Will Roxio ever release a update to the software making live commentary possible? If they do that would be incredibly nice! I tried the trick where if I hook up my turtle beaches to my roxio hd pro but it didnt work...I didnt get the audio through my headset. So I would love it if they would release a update for the hd pro. The non hd roxio gave me the option to access the audio in audio repeater so I could combine my two audios togother. Why not here!?!?
  5. austinX117

    Will Roxio Ever Release A Update For Live Commentary?

    I mean while playing.