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    Why The Big Difference In Size?

    Thanks tsantee, I did that sort by 'kind' and it worked, what was missing turned out to be many doubles, perhaps emailing them repeatedly caused some images to be stored twice. I did burn the big 1.4MB to a photo Disc and it plays in my DVD player fine,I am not very impressed by toast deciding what part of the photo would be shown, but with so many everyone in the Family can see themselves at some time or other.
  2. david517

    Why The Big Difference In Size?

    I am using toast Ten Titanium 10.0.9 (569) and have started a project but had to interrupt it to leave for work. Now when I open toast I see it My Movie 564 KB, but in the Finder it says My Movie1.toast- Kind: DVD/CD-R Master Image, Size:: 1.4MB why the big difference? I am now in OS X10.8.4 so is it possible that an old Universal Binary won't work properly in Mountain Lion because ML is Intel Only? No PPC allowed. Which size is the correct one?toast.pdffinder.pdf
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    Why The Big Difference In Size?

    Me again, the bloody software here wouldn't let me add the screen shots -some crap about the number of quote not matching.
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    Why The Big Difference In Size?

    Digital Guru you are fantastic, a complete manual on what I wanted to do-thanks. My LG DVD player gives three modes: DVD, VCD, or DivX, so it looks to be quite comprehensive, if I choose the right settings in toast. I don't have a new TV yet, on my mini budget I must wait for the Sony Trinitron to die first before going HDMI,I did get an HDMI display Monitor foe my Mac Mini,but I would rather not do it that way because the Mini is set up for audio recording and it is working so I will leave it as it is. It has virtually no controls anyway. I only chose to save as disc image because I had to leave for work and thought that option sounded like it would allow me to continue later. You wrote: One more thing, if you choose Save as Disc Image instead of burning the DVD, Toast will probably exclude the original photos when you choose the Image File setting in the Copy window. What you need to do instead is mount the .toast file (which is done by choosing Mount Image File in Toast's Utilities menu), choose DVD-Rom (UDF) as the format in the Toast Data window, click New Disc and name your disc, and finally go to the Finder and drag all the content from the mounted disc image into the Toast window. I suspect the two are basically the same because when I saved the disc image it warned me that some fotos would be left out because of some non compatability, so the smaller of the two should burn correctly and the missing fotos aren't that important in a batch of more than 2,000. Here are some screen shots that might clarify things I was nor allowed to upload the last shot, it is the info drop down for the .toast file My Movie-1.4MB.
  5. david517

    Why The Big Difference In Size?

    Thanks DigitalGuru, The source is a large collection of Family fotos, in many formats, but I only need the DVD to play in a DVD player when a family member comes to visit,options like looking through them all for one in particular isn't really necessary. 2.468 fotos in the finder are1.4 MB says apple. The file has .toast as suffix. I have to buy some DVD-R discs online they are not to found in shops in Amsterdam so I can't really try it until I have those. The idea to use DVD_ROM (UDF) was from someone in the iPhoto forum at Apple, I am hopeless with this stuff. Any advice that comes to mind will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, iDavid
  6. hello all, I have Toast Titanium 10 version 10.0.9 (569) updated on 14-02-13, it has been working fairly well but often I do something wrong because the burned DVD slideshows cannot be paused in my LG DVD player. What step am I doing wrong? I have slideshows of jpeg family photos several sets eah slideshow contains only 99 photos but after burning it the DVD player will play it but doesn't allow it to be paused or fast forward or fast rewind,it is really the Pause function that would be nice to be able to tell toast to make the DVD pauseable. There is never audio on these slideshows. mac book pro 10.6.8.